Spotlight On Music

An Introduction

You may notice that some posts begin with the letters S, 0 and M. 
SOM is a new section of my website that stands for 'Spotlight On Music', and serves a number of purposes:

Music is an incredibly integral part of my life. I wouldn't call myself a musician (although I do sometimes like to improvise on the violin), nor am I a band junkie or an avid album reviewer.

Rather, music is a catalyst for who I am and what I do in life. It is a tool for my imagination to create images and stories in my mind, which I love doing so much. It is a mood enhancer and lifter. It is the background for much of my writing. And it has literally saved my life (as in been something to hold onto and relate to when I'm feeling beyond low) on numerous occasions. Often, when I find a new piece of music, it coincides with and tells the story of what is going on in my own life. 

While I write about my life here, I plan on pairing it with music that is particularly relevant. At the same time, I am able to share some really lovely and perhaps unknown tunes with others - my readers.

These posts, where I share music in relation to how I experience life will begin with the abbreviation for Spotlight On Music (SOM).

How to get the most out of SOM:

1-  Each post will always begin with a song. Listen to the song first before you read (or as you read, if you like). The connection is between the music and my words.

2- Since part of the reason I've started SOM is to introduce others to some great tunes, there will always be information on the artist at the end of each post along with where to purchase the music.

3- An archive of all SOM posts can be found here.