Monday, July 9, 2012

Give Yourself To Love (SOM)

Artist: Kate Wolf
Song: Give Yourself to Love

My friend Zhenya talked about the Rainbow Gathering for years.
"Just go," he said. "You will be glad you did."

So this year I went, and found within the mountains and forests of Tennessee, a temporary intentional community of the strongest positive and love filled energy I have ever experienced in my life.

And in that week of bliss, by means of storytelling, song, dance, wandering and the people that I met, I learned to love again.

Perhaps because I was so surrounded by it for the entire week, I learned to love in the way that opens up the whole heart, in the way that my whole body wants to celebrate every beautiful thing that I experience every day. The kind of love that is full of gratitude for every little gift. The kind of love that wants to share with others more than anything.

And I feel so blessed to have begun this sharing with those who I met at the gathering itself.

I am not much of a poet or song writer, although I wish more and more that I am, as poetry may be a more fitting medium to tell the story which inspired me to share this song. 

I ought to thank the mountain path that I walked so many times, because that is where we met.
"Is this the main road brother?" he asked.
"Sister," I answered. "And yes, it is."
I asked where he was headed and his destination and mind were the same. 
"Will you walk with me?"
And so we went together. Somewhere along the way he took my hand, and when it became time to part ways, we simply didn't... couldn't... wouldn't. 

And so began a whirlwind of deep connection and love. I marveled at his gratitude, love, darkness and spirituality, and I have already learned so much from it. My deepest intention is to live this love and pass it onwards. For I think love is THE most important thing one can ever know.

This song is for Juan Moncayo. A small token in return for the beauty that you sang me. I am so full of gratitude for the time we shared.
Thank you beyond thank you dear one...

Kind friends all gathered 'round, there's something I would say:

That what brings us together here has blessed us all today.

Love has made a circle that holds us all inside;

Where strangers are as family, loneliness can't hide.

You must give yourself to love if love is what you're after;

Open up your hearts to the tears and laughter,

And give yourself to love, give yourself to love.

I've walked these mountains in the rain 

and learned to love the wind;

I've been up before the sunrise to watch the day begin.

I always knew I'd find you, though I never did know how;

Like sunshine on a cloudy day, you stand before me now.

Love is born in fire; it's planted like a seed.

Love can't give you everything, but it gives you what you need.

And love comes when you're ready, love comes when you're afraid;

It'll be your greatest teacher, the best friend you have made.

So give yourself to if love is what you're after;

Open up your hearts to the tears and laughter,

And give yourself to love, give yourself to love.

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  1. Rainbow gathering sounds like one of those events, like a Polyphonic Spree show, where everyone's hearts are wide open and magic happens. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  2. Oh it is, and it is beautiful!!