Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why Letting Go Of My Love Turned Out To Be OK (SOM)

Artist: My Brightest Diamond /
Shara Worden
Song: Riding Horses

Letting go and losing someone or something is a painful process for me. I have noticed though, that the things that are most often lost to me, are the things that most need to be shed; a relationship that isn't working, a job that is not fulfilling. As a result, each loss turns out to be an open door full of new opportunities and lessons.

My last serious relationship has had choppy ending. It is one of those where I still have intense feelings for him, but it is abundantly clear that spending my life with him is not what's best for me for many many reasons. Although we've been apart for over a year now (by his choice), we have still been in contact (mostly initiated by him too), which has been difficult for me.

At this point, there are two choices; stay in contact, savor the few amazingly wonderful times and suffer through the rest of it, or take my leave while there is still some sweetness to it and make a clean cut so I can start fresh. 

So last week, I said goodbye to him, said I do not wish for him to contact me further. 

...and I feel like I've come out of hiding. Here I am, open again to meeting new people, new possibilities, the potential for an even more fulfilling relationship. 

This song I've chosen by Shara Worden is a poem to all those wonderful people who I have met, will meet, and form a relationship with, unhindered by the loyalty I used to feel to my former love. 

Hey here I am
Out of Hiding 
Would you like to be my friend?
I think I like you
I think I like you

Maybe we could talk about music
And Georgie's crumbs
I think I like you
I think I like you

And not just for what you do
Or for what you say
Or for what you were to somebody
Not for what you did
Or what you may
Do for me.

And I know we've had some hard times
With hard people
Hey, let's try to make new friends.

Maybe we could pretend that 
We were riding in the woods
Riding horses.

And mind would be black
and yours would be white

Let's ride!

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  1. Congratulations for letting go of a connection that didn't serve you (or anyone) anymore. I know that's not easy, but it's totally worth it. After all, when we say No to what we don't want, we leave space open for what we want to come through. :)

  2. Very painful, I'm sure. Thanks again for your authenticity. It sounds like you have become the "chooser", and are pulling your own strings. It always feels good to trade in fuzzy closure for clean closure. Be well.